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Alborz TKD: History
Taekwondo History

The history and philosophy of Taekwondo is based on Yin and Yang. This means balance and infinity in all things.

Taekowndo literally means:
TAE = Stricking, jumping, breaking, or any other form of defense or attack with the foot or legs.
KWON = Blocking, attacking, with open hand, fist or arm.
DO = Literally means "the path" or "way". The unity of body, mind and spirit.
In Ancient Korea, over 2000 years ago, this art was known as Subak or Takkyon. The Modern name "Taekwondo", was recognized in the mid 20th century.

Today, Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and has millions of practicioners. With its emphasis on discipline and fitness, Taekwondo attracts young and old alike.

Taekwondo has become so popular that it is now an official Olympic sport.
Master Hamid: Biography

• born in Tehran, Iran.
• began his Taekwondo studies in Tehran at a young age.
• has studied, competed in and taught Taekwondo for more than 40 years.
• 8th Dan Black Belt
• 4 times Indian national champion (1983 - 85)
• Selected as a member of the Indian Team to the Asian Taekwondo Championships - Darwin, Australia (1986)
• Ontario Provincial Champion (1993)
• Opened Alborz Taekwondo Academy in 1993
• NCCP Coach